Apple officially reveal Service the council paid +Apple News, the cost of$ 9.99 per month


In the event held by Apple today in its headquarters Apple Park in the city of Cupertino American, the company detects a service-driven new +Apple News. As suggested by the name, they are a paid service based on the application of the Apple News of the company which provides the experience of news organizations. This service comes as an outgrowth of Page’s acquisition of Apple on service Texture that has been described for a long time on it the Netflix of magazines. Participants pay a fixed fee to access all the existing galaxies in the catalog of the Texture.

Provide service +Apple News subscribers access to more than 300 magazine. There are some very famous within the menu such as Time, InStyle And Popular Science and Reader’s Digest and National Geographic, as well as many other magazines.

The application of Apple News the free not go anywhere, it’s just an additional service launched by Apple. Will participants in the +Apple News covers the ” live ” board, and will be decomposed in the basis. Relies Apple heavily on the staff of humans to deliver the news to the users. The section ” First Look ” is a place that will shed light on the content chosen by the staff of the humans.

It will also provide personal recommendations as well. Is the creation of recommendations on the device itself and not on the servers, so I don’t know the Apple TV what read user as you can’t share this data with advertisers.

Overall, service +Apple News the new cost of 9.99 USD per month, there is a line family also. This service is already available since today in the United States and Canada in English and French. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the first month is free.

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