Apple officially launches iOS update 11.3.1 – fix problems screens !

Quickly work the Apple TV to provide updates, resolve any problems, whether related to the OS or the hardware, and here she is saying and without warning launched a new update to fix a problem related to the network when fixed, the details in today’s article and talk about the new version iOS 11.3.1.

آبل تطلق رسميا تحديث iOS 11.3.1 - إصلاح مشاكل الشاشات !

Apple officially launches iOS update 11.3.1 – fix problems screens !

What’s new version 11.3.1 for?

According to the description that came with the update, it came mainly to reforms of the security in the operating system, where periodically you Apple TV Monitor in the gaps and shut it down with no update issue, this update says it effectively.

But in return came to also solve the problem of non-action or response to the tea of your life 8 When you replace it, that’s the fun of persons who have broken the screens of their devices said they changed, where they ran into the problem of the lack of action in part or in whole.

Therefore, this update came to this problem, with the confirmation of the Apple TV that users must change their screen with another original and authorized dealers of Apple.

How do I update to the latest version?

The update process is very easy all you have to do is head to the Settings > General General > system updates the Software Update, and then you’ll see the update and details, and you make sure to link to a WiFi network and charge the battery more than 50%, then click on the option to download and install to your device to do so, knowing that the new update is small not exceeding 40 MB.

Did you update to iOS 11.3.1 it?! And what do you think?!

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