Apple officially issued headphones AirPods Pro: available for order priced at $ 249

Apple unveiled the today unveiled the new generation of ear headphones AirPods Pro. Will start shipping in October 30 for the price of $ 249. Apple states that the AirPods Pro system blocking noise, active and experience the immersive audio, in addition to the new design and lightweight prove in the ear.

A new design for the AirPods Pro prints experience the noise canceling better. Apple states that the AirPods Pro is characterized by the Iraqi government and money from the degree IPX4.It also includes three different sizes of the parties to the ear, making it a versatile relatively.

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Speaking of feature active noise cancellation on headphones AirPods Pro new, Apple used two microphones with an “advanced program” to block out background noise. There is also a Transparency Mode, which allows users “at the same time of listening to music with headphone their surrounding environment”.

سماعة آبل AirPods Pro

To switch between modes of active noise cancellation and transparency, there will be a slider in the Control Center. You can also press and hold on the side of the sky to share the situation.

In terms of battery life, featuring headphones AirPods new five hours of listening time. With enable active noise cancellation, and reduced it to four and a half hours. Provide tray shipping extra more than 24 hours from the time of the hearing.

How come the sky with Ear Tip Fit that will give users the best audio experience possible. By selecting the quality clogged the sky with the ear and determine the best size of the parties to the ear for the user.

And so when you put the fish in the ear, where the algorithms developed from the microphones in each a pair of headphones AirPods Pro led sound level in the ear and compare it to what comes from the driver clear, and in a matter of seconds only, you discover the algorithm what if the size of the tip of the ear is the right size or needs to adjust to create a blockage of the best.

For sound quality, Apple states the headphones AirPods Pro New come with Adaptive EQ is adjusted automatically, which gives the user superior voice quality, by adjusting the low and medium frequencies of the music on the form of authorized individual automatically – resulting listening experience is rich and immersive.

Featuring the new heavens also chip H1 than the Apple TV, which means you will get the feature “Hey Siri” built in the sky, in addition to viewing images and reading the messages by Siri.

سماعة آبل AirPods Pro

It has also been re-designed cargo tray, wireless headphones AirPods Pro. Includes cable Lightning to USB-C in the fund. This means that the actual product in the bag AirPods Pro is Lightning, not USB-C.

Expect to hear the AirPods Pro to order now from Apple’s website will start shipping in October 30, priced by $ 249. And Apple to to iOS update to 13.2 is required to use AirPods Pro.

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