Apple officially confirmed the cancellation of its plans to launch the base of the shipping AirPower

After a lot of leaks about the launch date of the base wireless charging AirPower, the comments came Apple finally confirmed the cancellation of the draft charging base for non-conformity with the standards of Apple.


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The company stressed that Apple in the final statements to TechCrunch on the cancellation of a project to launch wireless charging dock AirPower, where the referred Apple to the base wireless charging didn’t live up to the standards of the company after making a lot of tests on the charging base.

Has indicated to Apple that this decision has come after much effort in the development of the base wireless charging AirPower, as the face of Apple a formal apology to a lot of users to launch AirPower to the markets, also noted by Dan Riccio to that Apple continues to develop wireless charging technology to gain access to the best technology in the future.

Recall that the declaration of the first barrage from the base wireless charging AirPower was in 2017 during the conference phones iPhone X where the Apple on the continent’s ability to charge 3 devices at the same time, the police also confirmed during this time to start charging AirPower through 2018, except that Apple didn’t shoot the base of the shipping deadline, and then came a lot of leaks about the postponement of the launch of AirPower to the markets, to come to a decision Apple in the end to cancel the project entirely.


I know of

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