Apple officially announced the news service includes more than 300 magazine within the news application

آبل تعلن رسميًا عن خدمة إخبارية تضم أكثر من 300 مجلة ضمن تطبيق الأخبار

Started Apple conference tonight, which allocate it to advertise new services, announce the service a new newsletter include the presence of dozens of articles and other content from big magazines and attach them to the news app, I called it Apple news plus “Apple News Plus”.

Designed the new service to deliver content more diverse and different from the regular news contained in the basic application by adding more than 300 magazine in different fields of sports, politics, food, fashion, etc., will certainly exchange for a monthly subscription of $ 9.99 USD beginning months is free and can be shared with the family without any extras.

And service design of the Apple news plus is similar to the traditional news, to allow users to browse the application based on the concerns and issues most prevalent and other things.

The company had announced at the conference that the application of its own news app relies the most widespread reading among the applications in this area.

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