Apple officially announced the MacBook Air, the new

This week Apple officially announced the MacBook Air, The New appeared on Engadget.

The CEO of Apple now, the new version of the hardware MacBook Air, which comes this year with a screen Retina.


Your MacBook Air for the year 2018, featuring two USB ports C, to the side of the entrance to the heavens is also, as it comes to the design of a MacBook is possible the size of 12 inch.

Apple also confirmed on the updated and complete data for this version of the hardware MacBook Air, screen Retina display the 13.3-inch, with the quality of the presentation of the performance of the best up to 4 million pixels.

Also featuring this version improvements in colors that have become rich, more by 48%, as this release is designed with frames thinner, it also calls feature FaceTime also.

MacBook Air-2018

Also the new version supports the fingerprint scan Touch ID in the upper right corner of the keyboard, with the same trade in MacBook Pro, also features chip device T2 that support the protection and safety of the device.

The keyboard in the MacBook Air, was also improved this year, with this year’s Edition keyboard design butterfly that I knew in the organs of the MacBook Pro.

Also confirm the Apple on improvements to the experience of acoustics by 25% for Idea previous of the organs of the MacBook Air, coupled with the bass doubling the also, with three microphones support device, which supports the work of the assistant to Apple’s virtual Siri to be optimized when taking a voice command.


MacBook Air also features two areas of the Thunderbolt 3, as the device supports the second generation Intel processors with a storage capacity of 1.5 terabytes in SSD, and 16 GB RAM.

Apple also confirm that this version supports user up to 12 hours of web browsing, or 13 hours of video playback, it also comes this version the size of the thinnest 10% compared to the previous version, with a weight of 2.75 pounds, with the design of the aluminum.

It is estimated that a MacBook Air for pre-booking today at a starting price of 1199 dollars, the model is possible with a processor Core i5, memory 8 GB RAM, the storage capacity of 128 GB.


This week Apple officially announced the MacBook Air, The New appeared on Engadget.

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