Apple officially announced the-ear headphones AirPods Pro

The company announced the Apple TV today, Monday headphones (are Pro) AirPods Pro, a new addition to the family of headphones (are); she said: it includes a system for blocking noise, active and experience the immersive audio in a completely new design and light-weight demonstrate inside of the ear.

He said (Phil Schiller), vice – president of Global Marketing, Apple: “the headphones (are) is the best selling in all over the world, it has become of Apple products preferred thanks to the ease of setup with one press and audio quality stunning and elegant design, with (are pro), wearing this magical experience to a new level”.

Added Schiller to “headphones (are pro) New which are placed inside the ear providing sound amazing thanks to the feature of balancing, adaptive images, and provides installation convenient with the heads of the headphones is flexible, comes to its innovative features such as system noise-blocking activity and pattern Transparency (transparency). We believe that the customer will live this new addition to the family of headphones (are)”.

And headphones (are pro) to the family of headphones (are) present in offering audio experience wireless but seen, according to Apple. It is easy to prepare and the heavens, it is through the open cargo tray, near the device (iOS) or iOS (iPad or ABS) iPadOS pressing it rapidly, are paired (are pro) immediately to all devices that are logged in using the account (iCloud) iCloud user, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, iPod touch.

This headset with flexible and soft silicone three articles fit with the curves of each ear and offer comfort and fine tuning at installation, which is of the most important factors in providing immersive sound. For further comfort, you think (are pro) the ventilation system innovative to address the stress and harassment caused by the design of the heavens and the other installed inside the ear. Also enjoy (are pro) introduction to work and money.

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System uses noise-blocking activity in the (are pro) dual microphone array and sophisticated software to adapt constantly with each ear and all the way to install the headset. This works to remove the noise in the background to provide a customized experience at blocking noise allows the user to focus on what to listen to, whether listening to a favorite song or a phone call.

The microphone of the first voltage of the external senses external sounds to improve the noise in the environment, and then establish a headphones (are pro) noise adverse obscured by background noise before it reaches the ear of the listener. And listen to the second microphone, which faces the inner side to the sounds destined to the ear, then the headphones (are pro) to block any noise left, and it is felt microphone. The drainage system blocking the noise constantly with the audio signal, at a rate of 200 times per second.

And fish and (are pro) feature balancing adaptive images which works to adjust the low and medium frequencies in the music to suit The Shape of the ear of the listener. And a dedicated subwoofer bandwidth, high pure sound HD with extended battery life, as the driver amplifier which provides high volume with low noise, which is designed to provide the best quality of sound with noise-blocking in the background. Driver provides a voice on behalf of rich products down to the level of the 20Hz plus high fidelity sound with low-frequency and medium.

Allows pattern Transparency(transparency) users the possibility of listening to music with hearing the environment around them at the same time, whether they want to listen to traffic during the exercise run, or to an important announcement on the train during the trip to go to work in the morning. Exploits the pattern of Transparency (transparency) the ventilation system on the pressure and cutting-edge software that leave just the right amount of noise cancellation is active to ensure the appearance of the user’s voice naturally with the continuation of images in a operating perfectly.

Can the conversion between the system noise-blocking activity and the pattern of Transparency (transparency) simply through the headphones (are pro) directly through the pressure sensor to a new wave on the leg of the speaker. And also the pressure sensor of the operating and pause and navigate between songs and answer calls or to reject them. Users can also put pressure on the volume slider in control center on iPhone or iPad, check in settings or on (Apple Watch) by clicking on the icon (air play) AirPlay during music playback.

The design allows the system integrated circuits are grouped SiP-based bar H1 which is designed by Apple headphones (are pro) to provide high performance in a small size. Include a slice H1 ten nuclei voice, which is responsible for running everything from photos and even (Siri). With time extremely low to wait for the images provided by the partner of the H1, it offers blocking noise in real time and photographs of high quality with the technique of adaptive, interacting also with the ”Hey Siri“, all at the same time.

And features (are pro) battery life the same provided by the headphones (are), with up to five hours of listening time. In the style of noise-blocking activity, offer (are pro) up to four and a half hours of listening time and up to three and a half hours of talk time on a single charge. It is through the processes of charging additional mailbox using wireless charging, offer (are pro) at the time of hearing exceeds 24 hours or a talk time of more than 18 hours. Can be easily recharged during the day by setting the tray (are) on board charging a certified Qi or by using a Lightning connector.

Recall that the headphones (are pro) available for order starting today on the Apple store, electronic in stores starting from Wednesday, 30 October. Will be available at a price of 999 AED.

Referred to as that (are pro) require Apple device running iOS 13.2 or newer, or iPadOS 13.2 or newer, or watchOS 6.1 or newer, or tvOS 13.2 or newer, or macOS Catalina 10.15.1 or newer.

The headphones (are) are available with cargo tray, priced at 679 AED, and are available headphones (are) with a tray for wireless charging at a price of 829 AED. Customers can request a box wireless charging unit at the rate of 329 AED. Customers can add a personal inscription on the headphones (are pro), or (are) with the cargo tray, or (are) with cargo tray, free wireless across the, in the application of the Apple Store.

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