Apple offers the iPhone 5G next year with a processor with a resolution of 5 nm and the X55 from Qualcomm

Made a lot of the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone this year their own versions of phones 5G, except that Apple is taking this year to introduce an iPhone 5G next year, which comes with a microchip processor with a precision of 5 nm and the X55 from Qualcomm.

Supported versions of Apple this year phones iPhone call the network 4G only, where the late technology giant on the version released the first report of 5G, which offers next year’s markets.

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In a new report published in Japan today came the details through a source familiar with the plans of Apple, refer to the iPhone 5G will feature chip modem X55 5G of Qualcomm.

The report also emphasized that the processor chip A14 made in phones iPhone next year, will be characterized accurately manufacture 5 nm, which supports phone 5G iPhone, and features a processor chip with sophisticated manufacturing from TSMC, also to provide TSMC chip accurately manufacture 5 nm for both the Huawei to barrage next year.

From another side using Apple Support phones the iPhone next year screen OLED flexible, to support these screens of the two versions next year, so we may see a curved design in phones the iPhone killer.

I have used the Apple screens flexible OLED for the first time in iPhone X, which tends to design a curved phone supports frames with slim.

Also among the features available in the iPhone template in the camera sensor 3D support augmented reality technology in the phone, to meet these technologies in phones the iPhone destroy the sales of phones iPhone next year to 80 million units.


I know of

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