Apple offer the iOS update 12.1.3 support users some repairs

I started Apple Day in a paid update iOS 12.1.3 users phones iPhone, and iPad and iPod touch, which offers a fix for some problems that users encounter after iOS update 12.1.2.

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Brings update iOS 12.1.3 new treatment of some of the problems facing users of phones the iPhone and the iPad and iPod touch, where the repair in the back of your application messages, which affects the user when you move between images with the show details.

It is expected when you write the name of the person in conversations and then clicking on info to get more details, to view photos or a video that combined talks were conducted with the selected person at the end of the screen, which is a quick way to search for specific images or for images that were exchanged in the talks.

However, the problem that came in messages with iOS update 12.1.2 led to monitoring a lot of mess when you follow the previous steps to show audio and video content, where the leading slider in the photo to the appearance of empty files between the pictures, and is scheduled according to the statements of Apple that operates the iOS update 12.1.3 to address this imbalance, the width of images to optimize.

It also comes iOS update 12.1.3 also fixes the other photos that show the terms or lines after transmission over the shared page, and also among the reforms provided for users of the iPhone XR, and iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, where phone users interruption in contact with the interface CarPlay in the car, so due to supports select iOS 12.1.3 constancy of contact.

Also for users of the iPad Pro for the year 2018, The comes iOS update 12.1.3 to address the problem of noise in the audio when a call devices, and audio production for Foreign Affairs, also featuring the iOS update 12.1.3 reform plan in the HomePod, which included the problem of re-operating random in the speaker’s with the lack of response to Siri sometimes voice commands.


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