Apple offer the Apple for the arcade the first subscription service in the games in the world on mobile devices and desktop devices

Announced Apple today announced the launch of the Apple for the arcade, which is a subscription service in the games will have more than 100 games new and exclusive, including original versions of iconic famous singers such as Hironobu Sakaguchi and Ken Wong, Wales, Wright, and many others. Leaving Apple for the arcade game rules, and pick games based on what are characterized by originality, quality and creativity masse to attract players of all ages. Will give Apple an arcade customer the freedom to experience any game from within its range of selected titles, which respects the privacy of the user, the witnesses when they wanted, without ads or tracking of advertising or additional purchases.

Is the App Store more gaming platforms success and vitality in the world with nearly 300,000 free game driven. Enjoy the hundreds of millions of players around the world games meet supported by ads or in-app purchases, the paid games often keep it and player it, but its competitor with free games is very difficult, so even the best years of payments reached a smaller audience size. Will Apple arcade games of this type to more than one million customers in the App Store, and through subscription to a simple one. Thus ستكونApple an arcade perfect addition to catalog the vast and the famous free games in the App Store, what will make the iOS platform the first games for players of all ages.

Not only Apple on the selection of games in the Apple the arcade, but help also in the cost of development, and we work closely with innovators to choose those games to light. The years by some of the developers of the most famous games in the world, and therefore will Games Apple Arcade customers experiences full of fun and stories overwhelm your senses and capture their imagination to promote the original. Will service games of the development of the Annapurna Interactive, وBossa Studios, وCartoon Network, وFinji, the وGiant Squid, the وKlei Entertainment وKonami, the LEGO, The وMistwalker Corporation, SEGA, وSnowman, the وustwo games, and many others.

Said Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing about the world in the Apple: ”the App Store the biggest gaming platforms in the world and most successful. And now we move gaming to a new level معApple an arcade, which is the first subscription service for games on mobile devices, desktop devices, and in the living room. We work with some of the developers of the most creative games in the world state of the game 100 new and exclusive can enjoy a game on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Will be games Apple Arcade is suitable for families, and will respect sociales, and will not include ads and will not require additional purchases. We believe that gamers of all ages will know the Apple Arcade.“

Will Apple Arcade innovative way to reach a bunch of new games entirely, which will not be available on any platform-mobile phones other or in any subscription service. Rather than address each game, will participate in the Apple for the arcade players the chance to experience any game on the service without risk. Since every game includes experience her in full, including all message content and future updates, there would be no need for additional purchases. Will run every game without an internet connection, and many games support for coalition games, and that participants can play games Apple Arcade on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, they can continue playing from where they stopped, even when the state of the devices. Will add new games to the service constantly.

Will be launched Apple the arcade in the fall of 2019 in more than 150 countries in a new page on the App Store in the operating systems iOS وmacOS and tvOS.

With the App Store, ignited the Apple phenomenon applications around the world that revolutionized the way people work and their communication and their play. And the App Store’s app economy, where has the developers reached $ 120 million all over the world. Today, the App Store more app markets safer and vibrant in the world, visited by more than half a million people last. The App Store essential principles lies in the privacy, security and quality and selection of content on the hands of experts. Where must meet all application guidelines strict tests Apple version of the app and keep it in the App Store. In order to experience the Explore booster, experts say every day to create the content of the editorial is rich and groups selected for the best applications. يعدApp Store the best place to explore the world of apps, available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apple Watch Apple TV, the application iMessage.

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