Apple no longer warn users if you plan to slow down the iPhone

Pledged company Apple to be more pronounced on the health and performance of battery devices phones iPhone, and concluded a convention with binding body to control consumers in Britain to improve the users, if they are planning to reduce the speed of the devices iPhone the oldest, in the wake of an investigation by a body monitoring the competition of the British CMA, on the update of the software, which led to slower phones.

She said the body: it’s raised concerns on the law of the consumer with Apple last year and, after showing that the iPhone has slowed down after updating the software to manage battery life, without the knowledge of the user, although Apple have agreed to alert customers during System Updates operating iOS iOS in cases that are expected to have an impact on the performance of their phones.

It recognized the Apple TV two years ago that they have limited processing capabilities of smart phones, the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7, to prevent damage to old batteries, so after driving one of the software developers to publish statistics showing significant differences in performance between the versions of the programs, which led to a media coverage is huge.

Raised detection backlash from iPhone users, and as of Tim Cook Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the allegations of law that is called “throttle” the speed of the phone was a step risk.

Provided Apple replacement discount batteries, user devices reported by the company as one of the reasons for poor sales of iPhone in the last quarter, it added new features to its system operating for mobile devices iOS; to show how powerful the phone’s battery for the peak performance of the original.

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She said the CMA: it is there wasn’t enough information about update reduction of performance at the time, which means that consumers may try to repair or replace their phones.

The authority noted that Apple has now agreed to inform users clearly that the changes, through the installation notes, in case it was the iOS update will lead to slow performance of the phone, it has pledged to provide readily accessible information about the health of the battery.

In case they were found to have violated these terms, can the Commission filed a lawsuit against US, has led to investigations of similar by-product to fines, since the company received a fine of 10 million euros in Italy; because of the prosecution she urged consumers to install updates to the software, is not supported by their device adequately.

Said Apple in February of last year: think the Apple iPhone wasn’t defective, and that the advantage of performance management provided with the system updates its operating iOS 10.2.1, and iOS 11.2, it was aimed at improving the usage experience for customers, and the company has not made any misleading statements, or fail to disclose any material information.

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