Apple news: What will show at the presentation on March 25

As expected, this week became known date of the new Apple presentation. But not only these events were rich in the past seven days: so, the network has flowed details about the new iPad, and the AirPods is acknowledged dangerous for health! Drove go over the news.

1. Apple sent out to journalists thematic publications invitations to your next presentation. It is, as reported by industry sources, will take place March 25 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time at the Theatre of Steve jobs. The upcoming event, which will be held under the slogan “It’s Show Time” will be the first official event of the company, which will be held this year.

Obviously, this phrase in Cupertino decided to emphasize television the focus of its activities, most of which will be devoted to corporate video service called Apple Video.

However, the Apple Video is not the only product that Apple is going to present on 25 March. Feasible, show a subscription service Apple News Magazines, iPad 7, iPad Mini, 5, iPod Touch 7, 2 AirPods… stop, stop. Not too bold for the event dedicated to the services?

Our advice — stop guessing the British accent, jony Ive — better to see how will conduct a text broadcast of the event on We are starting 25 March at 20:00 Moscow time.

2. Wireless Bluetooth headphones can be hazardous to health. This opinion was expressed by scientist Jerry Phillips. It is noteworthy that of particular concern among researchers has caused some of the most popular wireless headphones — AirPods. According to him, due to the fact that these earphones are inserted directly into the ear canal, soft tissue of the head may be exposed to high enough levels of RF energy that can adversely affect health.

Scientist even created a special petition, and then sent a request to the world health organization. At the time of this writing, this initiative was supported by more than 250 researchers.

However, another part of scientists disagreed with the conclusion of their colleagues. Yes and we actually also. If you do not go into details (non-ionizing type of electromagnetic radiation even pronounce some difficult), the only threat AirPods can break the heart of those who do not.

3. By the way, this year Apple will expand the line of branded tablets, even more than originally anticipated. In the near future the market will leave two full size iPad models with screen sizes of 10.2 and 10.5 inches. However, only one of them will be present at the presentation, which will be held in the Theatre of Steve jobs on March 25.

Apple’s decision to release two almost identical sized models of the iPad looks pretty strange, considering potentially similar hardware. Will be interesting to see how Cupertino would justify the presence on the market each of the new products.

And rumor has it that will show iPad mini 5. How it will look is unclear, so here’s a photo of the cover of the alleged iPad mini 5. One we think that they just took cover from the previous iPad mini?

4. And finally, here’s a scandal — Spotify accuses Apple of monopoly. The position of the Swedes is that Apple deliberately creates obstacles to Apple Music look more attractive. First of all, it is Commission fee 30% that Apple charges.

To restore healthy competition in Spotify asked the European Commission to oblige Apple to allow third-party streaming sites to conduct transactions outside the App Store. There is nothing supernatural, because the taxi service like Uber and “Yandex.Taxi” are just that.

In our view, the requirement for Spotify is totally unjustifiable, since it puts Apple in a very disadvantageous position, at the risk of setting a dangerous precedent. Spotify wants to retain all the privileges offered by the App Store in the form of access to a huge audience of users and ease of subscribing, but wants all of it was free. The audacity — the second happiness!

In other news, Apple said as protects the user routes Apple Maps (spoiler — very good), Google Chrome for macOS received the support of nocturnal threads (this is really important, guys?) and Apple started to cut prices on the iPhone in other regions. Whether it comes to turn to Russia? Will tell you next week! Discuss news in the comments and in our Telegram chat (there is a lot of interesting things coming out). By the way, even subscribe to our feed to Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.

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