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Before the official presentation of iOS 13 it remains less than two weeks, and this means that the Network is full of rumors and leaks. Them today we share, but also about the other news too, do not forget.

1. On may 22, Apple sent out invitations to representatives of thematic publications. Journalists were invited only on the first day of the event, which is scheduled for the main presentation, despite the fact that it will be held from 3 to 7 June.

Traditionally, the first day of WWDC, Apple’s greatest emphasis on the OS upgrades. It is expected that at the event Apple will introduce iOS 13, Mac OS 10.15, 6 watchOS and tvOS 13.

Most likely, there will also be One more thing. We are inclined to believe that this thing will be iPad 10.2. This model will be a continuation of the line of classic tablets that Apple for the past two years has been steadily updated in March.

2. By the way, iOS 13. Apple took herself accidentally confirmed new features new features of its operating system. According to the content schedule WWDC 2019, which will be held from 3 to 7 June in California, Apple has prepared for iOS 13 something interesting. In addition to the nightly themes, and other notable innovations in the update there will be support tools for tracking health hearing called Hearing health.

What is this? The purpose of the Hearing health is to, for example, to control the volume of your headphones, giving recommendations for its reduction, if it becomes a health hazard. In addition, iOS 13 appear enhanced ability to monitor the health of the heart.

3. And Apple did not wait for the presentation of iOS 13 and introduced the MacBook Pro with keyboard 2019 “butterfly” of the new generation. Laptops received an updated Intel eighth and ninth generations as well – that was unexpected – an improved keyboard. This is the fourth generation of keyboards of this type, which equips the Apple brand laptops, promising that the update will benefit them, allowing to avoid unintentional failure because of dust and crumbs.

According to Apple’s updated MacBook Pro offer up to 40% more performance than previous generation processors at 6 cores and 100% more compared to 4-core models. It is, however, as the airplane wing of 160 thousand rubles for the most simple version.

4. Guess who wanted to buy Apple? Right, Tesla! It turns out that in 2013, Apple offered $ 240 a share, whereas at that time the value of securities was at $ 190. The acquisition of such magnitude would have cost the iPhone maker of 25-27 billion dollars. The cost of one Tesla stock is now $ 205. The whole company is estimated at 36 billion dollars.

Interest in Tesla is highly logical, given that Apple has for a long time is developing a mysterious project Titan. Initially, this concept involves the development of its own car from scratch. Later Apple abandoned this idea, and have cut a significant number of employees, and the remaining engineers moved on to other projects.

And Apple can drive out of China (again, Huawei and the US bricks are not divided), the company began free repair display MacBook Pro in 2016 and will replace the keyboard almost all MacBook in 2015! Discuss news in the comments and in our Telegram chat (there is a lot of interesting things coming out). By the way, even subscribe to our feed to Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.

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