Apple news: iPhone 6 without iOS 13, iPhone X without ARKit 3, Mac without Sidecar

When we first saw the list of supported devices iOS 13, we have, you know, they held up pretty well: nothing that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus more popular? Well we a had to be updated to “ten” (like felt, damn it), but they were just the iPhone 6, and if he hadn’t received an update to version 13, it would be really a shame. One we think that in this story something is wrong?


Software support has always been considered a horse Apple. Most smartphones, tablets and computers get updates for at least the past five years. And then BAM — they suddenly decided that they stop supporting smartphones from two generations.

The fact that Apple has always discontinued support only those devices that are no longer sold on the market. Take the iPhone 5s, which although continues to be updated to this day, unavailable for purchase for over two years. The same thing happened with the previous iPhone models, which, before losing updates, irrevocably disappeared from sale. But the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are still being sold and even demand. It appears that Apple simply neglected his own rule, which was guided for many years.

As a result, no support can be thousands of newly minted customers who purchased “six” as their first iOS device. And that those who were hoping for the vaunted Apple support will you get?


Well, since we’re talking about supporting old devices, here’s more recent news: support ARKit 3 will get new devices! Yes, even if you last week I bought a brand new iPhone 8 — you in flight! However, we all do.

During the review lectures WWDC 2019, it was announced that ARKit 3 will be supported only the new iPhone and iPad. In the list of devices includes iPhone XS iPhone XS Max XR iPhone and tablet computers iPad Pro last generation. Say that the new technology of augmented reality is extremely demanding.

ARKit 3 is remarkable because it allows you to spot people in augmented reality, as well as to capture their movements and transfer them to virtual objects. Simply put, the above video could you look at the smartphone screen, and to take and to move Cindy to my kitchen (well, almost). In General, cool theme, but for some reason, Apple decided that if you paid 70 000 rubles for the phone a year ago (as those who took “ten”), you do not have to be pumped augmented reality.

Although, in fairness, in the A12 block of neural processing has become 8 times more productive than A11, for AR it is used, so there is nothing surprising in such a condition no — apparently, they do not out of malice, but because of the technical limitations of the devices. But osadochek something left!


During the presentation iPadOS and macOS Catalina Apple paid particular attention to new features Sidecar. It allows you to output directly from the computer to the tablet. In addition, it is possible to work with content: for example, you can sketch without having to buy a special graphics tablet.

Sounds cool? Yes. But this thing is far not on all computers. If you have a MacBook Pro, it should not be older than 2016. MacBook Air — not older than 2018. This is not surprising (after ARKit will not surprise us), but… a Reddit user found a solution how to activate Sidecar on old Mac computers. All you have to do is open a terminal and enter a single command. What? Read here.

So actually a new feature can easily work on older computers. Another artificial constraint? Possible. But the picture quality on the iPad will be worse than if you connected the tablet to the Mac with native support for a new feature.

Likely to circumvent the restriction failed due to the bug in the first beta version of macOS Catalina. So mommy if hackers want to hack the system, I advise you to hurry.

If you look at the news, you might think that Apple artificially limits new opportunities from ordinary users. In some cases, maybe it is, but we have the impression that older devices just do not “pull” the new chips. Start something can be anything, even macOS on the Apple Watch, but how will this work? That’s it. Drove discuss this in our Telegram chat.

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