Apple news, 284 issue: problems iPad Pro and Apple TV

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the problems of the iPad Pro, Apple TV and more!

1. The new iPad Pro is so thin that it will bend not only in the hands of bloggers, collecting a huge number of views on YouTube, but in the process of transporting to the end user. This is evidenced by user complaints of the MacRumors forum who posted in support of his words the photographs of bent housings iPad Pro.

2. Apple finally turned the sale of routers line AirPort, includes a model AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule. It follows from the official online store of the company.

Apple Watch

3. The Apple Watch protect users from aging and skin cancer. For recognition of the place of stay of the person, the patent proposes to use an infrared sensor and geolocation data.

4. Apple has reduced production orders for its latest smartphones — the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. As reported by the newspaper the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, the decision was made due to low sales of the flagship devices. Of course, such a move could not be ignored, and as a result shares and other financial indicators Apple has already shown its decline.

Despite the fact that many analysts and experts predicted a great success and the popularity of the iPhone XR, this smartphone proved to be the most disastrous in sales. By the way, Apple has reduced orders for the production of “affordable” iPhone more than a third. It was assumed that Apple will sell about 70 million “vivid” smartphone from September 2018 to February 2019. However, the forecast was wrong, and those expectations which were assigned to the iPhone XR — is simply not justified. As for the more expensive model, the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, then the volume of supply has also changed, but still not as much as in the case of sublamina.

This decision has not only affected Apple but also its major suppliers, the market responded appropriately, and the value of the securities of such companies as Qorvo Inc., Lumentum Holdings and Japan Display have shown the decline that had an immediate impact on their capitalization.

5. Apple could refuse the application in the original iPhone several breakthrough technologies that affect usability. About jony Ive said in an interview with journalists The Information on the presentation of the designer awards Stephen Hawking for contribution to the development of technology. According to him, the whole process of creating iPhone was accompanied by a curious, and often even absurd situations, which under certain circumstances could prevent the release of the smartphone in the light.

The idea to release the iPhone appeared many years before its actual release, when most of the technologies underlying the original model have not been available, says Ive. Moreover, initially there weren’t even any smartphone, and was exclusively the concept of multitouch. It is this technology define the interface of a future mobile operating systems as well as the possibility of creating third-party applications and characteristics interact with them by touch, pinch and swipe.

Some of the technology that became available to owners of the first iPhone, was so unstable and vulnerable that ever before the mind for several months, said Ive. Obviously, in this case we are talking about the App Store as a whole and the possibility to install on the smartphone third-party applications in particular.

6. Apple is seriously considering the possibility of creating a cheap TV dongle to connect to the TV, the conceptual repeating Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick. It is reported by The Information citing sources familiar with the plans. The release of new products planned to launch a branded streaming video service to Apple, whose release is planned for 2019, to ensure access to the widest possible audience.

According to the interviewees The Information, future dongle will partially duplicate the functionality of Apple TV. However, in contrast to the already existing media player, the novelty is unlikely to provide the user the ability to run apps and games from the App Store, restricted access-proprietary and may third-party video services. However, a minimal set of features a positive impact on the price of the product, which is unlikely to exceed $ 35.

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