Apple Music has a section with future releases

In the Apple Music app for iOS and macOS have a section with future releases. There subscribers of the music service Apple will be able to listen to songs that will be included in the new albums, check the date of their full appearance on the site, and immediately add pretzels in their library.

To find a section with upcoming releases, go to the tab “Browse” and scroll through all the sections until the end. Pressing “Cm. all” user with an active subscription will be available the entire list of albums and songs, which will be held in the near future.

Access to a new tab will open automatically to all subscribers of the service, regardless of the operating system. Anyway, in iOS 11.3, 11.3.1 iOS and iOS 11.4 “Upcoming releases” become available without additional manipulation by the user.

In iOS 12 Apple Music waiting for a few nice innovations from a light redesign of the interface to an advanced set of features. For example, in the next iteration of the mobile OS from Apple users music service will be able to find the right song according to its text.

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