Apple Music again offers users a free subscription for 3 months

Apple offers listeners a new free trial to its music service Apple Music. Relevant Push notifications received by users, which at the time refused to a paid subscription. In its report, the company is offering former subscribers get 3 months free service. It is remarkable, but such notices were not all users.

Judging by the activity on social networks, Apple has begun sending last week. Push notifications the company focuses on the fact that “service changed” and that “it’s not too late to subscribe”.

Incidentally, this is not the first case of sending messages for promotional and marketing purposes. In December, Apple started sending Push notifications to the owners of the old iPhone to upgrade to the new iPhone iPhone XS and XR. By the way — never before has a company behind this has not been noticed.

Third-party developers note that such emails contradicts his own company’s rules. The rules of the App Store States that notifications should not be used for advertising purposes:

Push notifications should not be used for advertising purposes, promotion or direct marketing. Violation of these rules may result in the removal of applications.

It is obvious that in this way Apple is trying to attract more subscribers. It is not excluded that this step was brought about by ineffective sales of the iPhone — and now American corporations are making a big bet on the development of their services.

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