Apple might reveal an iPod touch new this year!

You may return your iPod to the fore again this year after the adoption of the assembly expired in the era of smart phones. Site Mac Otakara Japanese mentioned that in a recent report about the device.آبل قد تكشف عن جهاز آيبود تاتش جديد هذا العام!

آبل قد تكشف عن جهاز آيبود تاتش جديد هذا العام!

According to the site, some of the suppliers of Apple have stated during the CES 2019 last to the seventh generation of the iPod Touch is now under development, will substitute for the previous generation that currently exists in the markets.

It is worth mentioning that the previous version of the last of the iPod touch was launched in mid-2015 with a processor A8 and 4-inch rear camera 8-megapixel design featuring six different colors, and is now available with a storage capacity of 32 and 128 GB priced at$ 199 and$ 299 respectively, so not much cheaper than the iPad fifth generation a 10.7-inch-old price of$ 329, which some may see as a better option in many ways.

آبل قد تكشف عن جهاز آيبود تاتش جديد هذا العام!

آبل قد تكشف عن جهاز آيبود تاتش جديد هذا العام!

By 2017 Apple to stop production of devices iPod old iPod shuffle and iPod nano which make believe that that step would come as well on the iPod touch, but this news come to me hoping for that device.

The iPod Touch is an iPhone without a SIM so to speak, and allows the user to play music and take pictures and download games and various applications from the store, the App Store, and also supports connecting to the internet via WiFi.

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