Apple may sell the next generation of iPod Touch as a portable gaming


Lately, there was rumor mentioned that Apple is looking to re revival selection iPod Touch by launching the sixth generation of this device. It’s interesting given that Apple had initially advised on the iPhone that the device possesses the potential of the iPod, but now we may have a better idea of what you can think of Apple in do.

According to the website MacRumors, has discovered a request to make a new change on the information a trademark of Apple where the company requested the inclusion of this brand is also under the category of gaming devices. This would indicate that Apple is interested in the possibility of marketing the iPod Touch new as a gaming machine, and this is what can help the police find the main selling point for this device.

Because the iPod Touch was basically an iPhone without the ability to connect communication towers for cellular, it could download and run use same apps just like the iPhone. We’re not sure whether this update in the file brand is simply an attempt by Apple to cover all the bases, or whether they’re actually trying to find something that distinguishes the army’s new generation of iPod Touch from previous generations of the same device and on the iPhone.

However, even if Apple launched such a device, the current lineup of iPhones offering performance very special and the best you can buy Apple included in a mobile device, so we’re not sure if the iPod Touch will be stronger, and if it will come at a price much cheaper than the iPhone.

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