Apple may sell 2 million units of the device HomePod this year, there is a possibility of issuance of a new version

Apple HomePod 2

Due to huge competition from Amazon and Google, we are sure that there are many people who have curiosity to know how was the performance of the smart speaker Apple HomePod. After all, with less features apparently compared Amazon Echo and Google Home priced at the top, who are the customers Apple TV?

Turns out that the analysts seem too pessimistic about the sales of Apple HomePod. According to the famous Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, it’s expected that Apple Sold 2 million units just from the smart speaker Apple HomePod this year. Of course, 2 million units seems like a large number to some, but this number does not seem large if we know that previous expectations hinted to the possibility of Apple selling up to 10 million units of this device in its first year.

This is in line with a recent report from the website of Bloomberg says that Apple stores were selling 10 units only of the Apple device HomePod in the day. Added analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that, given the amount of pale, which included her Apple currently, they are more likely to be a cheaper version of this device. As has been already mentioned, the Apple HomePod is one of the smart speakers the most expensive on the market knowing that the market is full of speakers smart low-cost such as the Amazon Echo, the Dot and the Google Home Mini.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Apple will do it or not, but at the moment don’t seem that smart speaker Apple HomePod does a good job in the market.


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