Apple may reveal a subscription service in the games in the conference tonight

Believed that Apple is working on service subscriptions new for games paid, as noted by a new report from the agency Bloomberg yesterday that he is expected to reveal the Apple TV for this service in the conference which will be held tonight.

Service will be subscriptions games part of the hub of the new Apple TV subscription as it works to transform itself into a provider of digital services leading.

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It is worth mentioning that Apple discussed at the end of January the plan with the developers of specific games may be partners in all.

But how will Apple’s revenue with the makers of the games?

Expected to the company collects the fees monthly, and then divide the revenue between the developers based on the amount of time that users spend in-Game toys. It is likely to think of Apple games famous paid on the App Store step games that can be downloaded for free but include in-app purchases.

“May become Games mobile phones industry worth $ 100 million by the year 2021” according to Newzoo research and electronic games.

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