Apple may release an iPhone with support for 5G this year

Apple has held talks with Samsung and MediaTek on the subject of possible deliveries of the latest modems with support of networks of the fifth generation. Apparently, the American Corporation intends to equip the next version of iPhone 5G full support, despite the fact that the process of deploying the infrastructure had not been completed in most countries.

Initially it was assumed that the first iPhone with support for standard networks of the fifth generation will appear on the market only in 2020. However, Apple has revised its plans and intends to release a smartphone with a new option this year.

Previously it was thought that advanced modems 5G for the new iPhone will ship Qualcomm. This forecast did not materialize between the companies had disagreements, and cooperation have ceased. After that, Apple began working with Intel, and the experts were confident that the manufacturer will receive an exclusive contract to supply chips for the new generation. But as it turns out, all is not so simple.

Just recently, Apple representatives met with MediaTek and then with Samsung Electronics. Topic of discussion — possible supply of modems 5G. According to Reuters, Apple is going to abandon the cell modules Intel-enabled networks of the fifth generation. All because of design flaws, in particular overheating, and, consequently, low autonomy. And since the release of the new iPhone with support for 5G is already scheduled for this year, the U.S. chip maker will not be able to eliminate the defects in time, and Apple is forced to look for similar solutions from competitors.

It is not excluded that in the foreseeable future, Apple will develop their own modem with support for next generation networks. In 2010 the Corporation for the first time designed its own CPU series A, and in 2017, the brand debuted the Apple graphics GPU. Given the scale and resources of the company, development of the cell module 5G will not be Apple any obstacle.

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