Apple may not eventually ship the phones iPhone new customers with fast charger


Phones new iPhone announced by Apple yesterday supports fast charging technology, but it seems that Apple won’t compile the Quick Charger with its new smartphones, at least according to a new report just released, a report that says that Apple won’t compile chargers with fast phones iPhone new.

According to the report, it appears that Apple will continue to attach the charger 5W usual with iPhones, the new instead of the charger 18W which was traded in many rumors in the past. It is not clear why the company decided to the Apple TV to do this, but perhaps it would be appropriate for Apple from a financial included charger 5W cheaper instead of the charger 18W. Regardless of the fast charger, but Apple won’t tell you to attach the adapter ” Lightning To 3.5 mm ” phones with the new iPhone, as it will stop attaching this adapter with the model of the old iPhone.

However, users can always choose to get a charger 18W if they wish to do so. It may cost you more money, but if you need a quick charge feature, then you won’t have another option. It is also due to lead Apple to launch wireless Charging Dock AirPower later this month, so maybe it’s worth it to explore as a substitute for wired. When it comes to the ” Lightning To 3.5 mm“, you can also get them separately, or rely on wireless headsets.



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