Apple may launch earphones AirPods Pro at the end of October

Being reported that the company Apple used to advertise a new model of the headset, its wireless AirPods equipped with noise-cancelling later this month, bearing new heavens name AirPods Pro, in accordance with the offer issued by the China Economic Daily.

It is rumored since long that Apple is developing a new model of the headset, its wireless AirPods with a noise cancellation feature, has been reported by Bloomberg that the new model will arrive in 2019, and revised early this year that date until 2020.

Clarifies the information that the headphones AirPods Pro include the design of a new metal support to cancel noise and increase heat dissipation and enhance the listening experience.

Has the price up to $ 260, which means an increase of $ 50 from the AirPods from the second generation with a bag and wireless charging.

In past reports also indicated that the AirPods would include a water resistant feature intended for use within the sports halls.

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Reports the arrival of the AirPods Pro in late October, just days after the discovery of the design of the AirPods new in version demo iOS 13.2.

Featured image symbolically suggests that Apple may be about to provide the AirPods new look very similar to the old headphones in the ear.

Revealed information about a new drawing in iOS 13.2 teaches iPhone users how to adjust the noise cancelling feature on the headphones AirPods new.

Clarifies references to the AirPods found in new iOS 13.2 it is likely to see these AirPods new soon.

There were rumors about an event possible for Apple in the month of October, but with the approach of the end of the month, it seems less likely.

Provided Apple headphones AirPods original in December 2016, but it was extremely difficult to buy them even after months of announced.

And need headphones Apple AirPods Pro strong competition from Amazon, Microsoft and others if it appeared for the first time in 2019, with Amazon later this month to ask the Echo Buds worth of $ 129, with the technique of Bose noise reduction.

Also ask Microsoft Earbuds Surface worth $ 249 later this year, with the gestures of clicking and scrolling to control music apps and Office 365.

And Google also the version of the second generation of Pixel Buds in the spring at a price of $ 179, it is clear that the battlefield of the giant tech companies, the following has now become your ears.

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