Apple may launch a version of the iPad cheap price and even facial recognition technology

آبل قد تطلق نسخ آيباد رخيصة الثمن بلا تقنية التعرف على الوجه

We talked in an earlier report about the intention of Apple to release updates andversion iPad new earlier noted that the company is working to provide a copy of iPad at affordable prices or you can say it is cheap compared with the prices of the iPad Pro, to show the information reached from the analysis of the trial version iOS 12.2 that the system contains 4 models creating software for the iPad turns out not to have technology to recognize facial features action just as the”Touch ID” fingerprint sensor.

As the information showed the presence of a serial number operators of modes a new iPod Touch it seems that the company will also in the same material, but not showing the analytics system and the presence of any etc on the iPod, both equipped with fingerprint or facial recognition technology, with a possibility to state some of the updates of the chip interior, which play a role in performance and speed.

As pointed out earlier statements the adoption of the 6 versions of the iPad with the commissioner of economic aureus, the more likely their serial numbers having a version of the iPad mini updated to be the common factor in them is the low price, but with the abandonment of some features such as facial recognition as we mentioned, anyway we are waiting for the new versions of the multiple iPad at cheap prices will be displayed in the next few months.

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