Apple may know us a peek at the Mac Pro new this month, according to a new report

Mac Pro

One of the reasons why many creative people prefer the Mac Pro old of Apple is the fact that they can easily upgraded by replacing the internal components of the device. This is unlike the current generation of Mac Pro, which seems a little hard to upgrade its internal components. Apple has admitted in the past that have a Mac Pro and a new under development which will give the ability to upgrade internal components.

Now according to a new report from the website Architosh, it appears that Apple will give us briefly your Mac Pro is new event to be held on October 30. Will host the Apple event at the end of this month where he is expected to unveil the tablet, the new iPad, as well as computers Mac new which has not been upgraded earlier this year.

However, some predict now that Apple provide a peek at the Mac Pro new which is expected to arrive in the next year. It is not clear whether it will allow reporters to elect to look at the device behind the scenes or whether it will be displayed to everyone, just like What did Apple with the Mac Pro current a few years ago.

Assured Mr. Phil Schiller from Apple for TechCrunch last year that Apple is working on a Mac Pro New, stated Mr. Phil Schiller then said : ” as part of our work on the Mac Pro new, we will screen a professional. Now you won’t see any of these products this year, we are going to work on it. We believe it is important to create something wonderful for our loyal customers who are interested in Mac Pro with a system of Indivisible, this would take longer than this year. “

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Apple will give us at least a Mac Pro new this year or not, so it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection.


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