Apple may issue iPhone 5G in the early 2020

You may not have an Apple device iPhone ready network of the fifth generation in the hands of people this year, but all signs indicate that it is expected to be issued in early 2020.

It seems that the famous Ming-Chi Kuo thinks so, anyway. As he pointed out in a research note published on CNBC, said that Apple may ship the iPhone 5G next year.

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Specifically, Kuo said that Apple will most likely get modem 5G of each of Qualcomm and Samsung for the production of iPhone 5G by September 2020 at least. This is the time of year in which the Apple is usually for the latest versions of the iPhone.

This may be possible only because Apple has resolved a dispute with its legal long-term relationship with Qualcomm in the past week. Now you need the Apple TV to the modem 5G with Qualcomm to create a phone compatible with the wireless standard for high-speed, at least in the short term.

Once you access the Apple TV to a settlement with Qualcomm, it seemed likely that the iPhone 5G will come sooner rather than later. Note Kuo is not only another confirmation of that theory. Before the legal settlement, some analysts believe that Apple will take a long time to get to the 5G network due to the difficulty of the development of the modems without the help of Qualcomm.

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