Apple may issue adapter MagSafe computers MacBook modern USB-C

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It seems that Apple is working on a move to rely fully on USB Type-C, at least when it comes to computers MacBook. Although we assume that this was a natural evolution, but many of the millions of MacBook feel sorry for because Apple had to abandon one of the best retreat so far, which is the MagSafe power adapter.

There are some third-party extensions in the market today, but we are sure that al kathiri practice they would like to see this file from Apple. The good news is that Apple think about it most likely, or at least that’s what is proposed by the patent was discovered recently dating back to the year 2016 filter adapter lets users keep in use the power cable MagSafe with computers MacBook new USB-C.


As you can see in the diagram above, this adapter converts a USB-C Port to MagSafe. This means that computers MacBook the current will still be able to take advantage of the safety features provided by cable and MagSafe. However, given that this is just a patent, there is what confirms to us that Apple would turn it into a physical product, but it is reassuring to think that Apple is targeting this idea.

However, there are some negative aspects to this concept, including the loss of one of the USB ports-C. one of the advantages promoted by the company Apple TV is that with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, It can be used for multiple purposes. An example of this connect the MacBook with an external monitor which can be used to keep the laptop with power supply. In the old system, this means more cables and outlets additional energy required.



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