Apple may finally allow developers to design interfaces previous

This topic Apple may finally allow the developers to design the facades of the former appeared on Engadget.

Since the Apple watch by smart, it is not possible for any of the third-party developers to create and issue faces their own custom travel. But it may change now, according to code discovered by a 9to5Mac.

Detect the position of 9to5Mac about the code programming in the hour of watchOS 4.3.1, which includes some hints on what’s coming in future updates, such as warnings for legacy applications, in addition to the log message States “This is the place that will appear by the Package Configuration of the face of the third party”. Which means that Apple may allow developers to create interfaces of their own sometime in the future. There is no indication yet as to when will Apple let that happen, but it looks like it’s a big step for those who feel bored of the current options.

It’s worth noting that Apple has revealed about the operating system watchOS current through the last year at the developer conference world, is expected to reveal watchOS 5 in this year’s WWDC Conference on June 4.


This topic Apple may finally allow the developers to design the facades of the former appeared on Engadget.

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