Apple may face big problems in the organs of the iPhone 7

Everything if what has been decrease. We can’t call way the perfection of product and idealism; and there is the Apple action which interpreted the mission bite her she would never get to perfect perfection absolute. Where Apple’s occasional flaws in its devices, even if defects small, they hit big especially with the company of such heavyweights and market capitalization. Where were the highlight at the end of last week about a potential flaw in the design of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. What is this defect likely? Is dangerous? Continued with us.

أبل قد تواجه مشاكل كبيرة في اللوحة الأم لأجهزة آي-فون 7

Saw the end of last week to cover an extensive defect potential in the design of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The problem was monitored from more than one laboratory maintenance devices iPhone and on top of iTechFixIt and MotherBoard, iFixit where similar failures in all cases limited to the iPhone 7 which is related to health. The symptoms are as follows:

◉ Problems related to mic and the appearance of the sound icon with the gray hair is not active during a call or voice choppy.

◉ Take the phone a long time in the beginning of the operation until it works.

◉ Delay in the response of the touch screen after unlocking the device.

◉ The treatment or freeze intermittent

◉ Re-run repeatedly.

◉ Or eventually the machine stops on the logo of Apple .

The causes of that problem

According to John Christian specialist maintenance to the motherboard as well as independent evaluators in the drafting of the iPhone, namely the Jones and Cerva they come to the conclusion that the problem lies in the points of connecting the sound chip … (MotherBoard) that implement from its place in painting. Said Jones, it is possible that due to the curvature of the phone constantly. The web site iTechFixIt that the causes may be pressure on the phone which leads to forward slightly repetitive, or falls, or over a period of time to use that device more accurately to his age and the entry into force of its shelf life and began doing so. It shows the location of iTechFixIt fix this weekend compared to 70$.

How to fix that problem

In order to fix that problem, said Jones, and Cerva ” that must be removed to segment the images, and the link connection point on the(MotherBoard) where it is in the chip by a wire or so-called specialized maintenance “Cobra or bridge” until it is fixed call(MotherBoard). They stated that the process of reform that take just 15 minutes and costs between 100 to 150 dollars.

It seems that the problem is quite similar to watch phones iPhone 6 plus in 2016 relating to the touch or appearance of the gray bar the top of the screen, which affected quite a number of phones that category. Decoding is fixed the chip responsible for that holidays the same way. According to Apple, those damages resulting from hard usage of the device frequently. Stated center repair iFixit to the curvature of the phone affect certain areas in the(MotherBoard) and over time a separation occurs and those points and components.

In short, according to the technicians that Apple is facing these problems in the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 After a lapse of nearly two years to use it. Should be on Apple to provide warranty Apple Care Plus is free to those similar cases.

You can watch video for the maintenance of that fatal flaw

The bottom line

Might be mentioned at the top is the concept of the mission or misunderstanding; a problem that has been discovered is not a reality already, but the potential flaw. In short, the motherboard of an iPhone is the installation of the slides, especially slide images which may cause problems. But does this mean that it will happen with all devices? Answer not every phone is subject to the use of different the drawback of this appears mainly with hardware-intensive. And cost a lot of money to be repaired, but a possible fix already. If you now have the iPhone 7 It doesn’t mean you will definitely happen to you. Maybe happens maybe not. Maybe soon and may last for years without to show you have. But definitely if you experience any of the symptoms at the top, you have not to wait but to reach the centers of apple on if your phone is in Warranty.

As to why the problem appeared suddenly in existing phone markets nearly two years ago, the answer is that the new phone no problem, but show up with heavy use. And now two years later began to appear the back.

What do you think about this possible confusion of some of the iPhone to 7? Do you expect to talk to Apple to cure it or it would be a limited impact?


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