Apple may allow Shortcuts and Screen Time for Mac

With the approaching of the conference of Apple developers in June, where the company will be on their versions of the new operating systems, iOS, macOS and other software updates, I got the news on some information about the nurses and new information.

Refers to the website 9to5Mac reports that Apple plans to introduce a feature Siri Shortcuts (likely to be Application Shortcuts the same) to the Mac via system macOS 10.15, which allows users to take advantage of shortcuts via Siri, and download and more, will this feature with the apps is called “Marzipan”, which may be separated from the program iTunes, such as news application and apply the product and audio recording.

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The report indicates that the Screen Time Is Coming also and Mac, and know the amount of time spent in the use of devices and applications individual every day, in addition to access to specify certain times only use.

Source: 9to5Mac

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