Apple lost share in the phone Market, United States, Europe and Japan

The availability of smart phones running Android increased its popularity compared to the decline in the share phones iPhone running iOS in many major markets, according to a report issued by the company Kantar Worldpanel specialized in the analysis of consumer behaviour. In the three months ended in November 2017, Apple lost share in the smartphone market in the United States, and the largest four markets in Europe include Britain, France, Italy, and Spain in addition to the Japanese market, while Android phones have new offices in these markets. However, the record of Apple’s growth in market share in China, while the share of Android decline in the market, the low share of iOS in the United States, Europe and Japan a blow to Apple, as these areas are the biggest markets for the company in terms of revenue. Compared with the same period of last year decreased the share of Apple in the United States increased by 4% to 40% and in the same time gained the Android platform and 4% to 60%, as decreased Apple’s share in Britain increased by 4% and France 2 percent in Italy and Spain by 1% in Japan record the largest decline rate of 5.5 %. In contrast, the share of the company in China increased by 5% and the share of Android phones by the same amount, bringing up the total operating system share any or S to 24.3%, after that it was 19.7% in the same period last year. Is likely to be the growth of the share of Apple phones recently in China as a result of breaking of the company’s customers of the former company Huawei, Shao my Samsung, also referred to phone iPhone x was the best-selling model in China in the month of November, reaching a market share of 6%.

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