Apple lose the appeal, and they are required now to pay $ 440 million because of a violation of the patent

Apple Company

The legal battle currently underway between Apple and VirnetX plan is another step towards the end after he was fined Apple a fine of $ 440 million USD. More than a year ago, was to issue an order for Apple to pay the amount due to the infringement intentional by the company of patents to a subsidiary of VirnetX, relating to securing connection to LTE in a lot of iOS apps, including FaceTime.

Court upheld the appeal of the American government’s initial, but Apple plans to appeal the verdict again in a higher court this time, at least according to the report of news agency Reuters.

As we have mentioned, the Apple is now required to pay $ 440 million dollars note that this penalty includes a fine of 302 million USD, and additional penalties of $ 41 million USD, and the costs of the case, and attorneys ‘ fees. And the company VirnetX $ 1.80 dollars for every device sold with the patented products, including computers, MacBook and iPad and iPhone.

It should be noted that the company VirnetX specializes in the buying and registration of patents, and after that engaging in legal disputes with companies that use those patents in their products without their permission. Back of the battle between the two companies the Americas to 2012, when the company asked Apple to pay a total of $ 368 million USD in damages.

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