Apple lose a legal battle against Swatch

Lost Apple’s legal battle against Swatch, the Swiss watch industry. As reported by the newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, it has failed Apple in its quest to prevent the Swatch from the use of the phrase “one more thing” in Australia.

Argued Apple with the Trademark Office of the Australian that he should not be allowed to Swatch using the phrase “one more thing” which means “something else”, because it was linked to stages of Steve Jobs, where he used regularly during the conferences of the Apple while Tim Cook also. He said Apple should not be allowed to Swatch using its trademark on the phrase.

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However, he said the Swatch she used the phrase “something else” to launch “a collection inspired by the movies crime drama old” watches. The use of this phrase is inspired by the TV series “Colombo,” which was often “just another thing”.

In the end, the court sided with the Swatch, and ordered Apple to pay legal fees to buy the watch industry. The court clarified that Apple never used the phrase “something else” in conjunction with any goods or services “special”.

This comes as government in Australia after losing Apple as well a legal battle similar with Swatch in Switzerland. That was a case relating to the use of Swatch the phrase “Tick different” with a promotion for its new NFC-enabled. Lifted Apple’s suit stated Swatch that the phrase has been circulating in a way of fraudulent on the slogan “Think Different”. But a Swiss court sided with the Swatch in this regard.

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