Apple lose a lawsuit against the repair center … why?

After that the customs authorities in Norway in the 63 screen phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus didn’t make their The Apple company coming from one of the Asian countries coming to one of the centres for the formulation of smart phones that run it and Henrik Huseby, the authorities alerted the police.

Police said after the discovery last year warned Henrik in a speech by lawyers working for the company to stop the use of tea and pays the settlement to the company.

The lack of leadership of the police to prosecute him, asked him to send demand data and payment data and other information specific to the products, the speech also included an agreement between him and the company that it will destroy the screen and you have to pay 3566 dollars to not sue him and terminate the problem away from the courts, but Henrik decided to try the case and do not give up the company of America.

Fortunately for Henrik that his lawyer was a large degree of scientific understanding of the law quite correctly refused to Henrik signing of the settlement with Apple, which tried through her grunts to become a big problem if do not sign it and that it works best when the sign on the opposite of the truth.

And what happened after the asylum Apple to the case? Lost Apple issue and not be fined Henrik anything or imposing any penalty on him after facing 5 of the lawyers who work for Apple in the courtroom, where he didn’t give up on the company and asked to raise the case to a higher court.

Certainly the merits of this case apply to Norway only, but it takes an important issue for private owners of centres maintenance of smart phones in a number of different countries around the world where suing Apple to that they are treated as criminals and not as act maintenance.

Said lawyer Henrik that the intention of Apple is clear they only want money so sell screens to most expensive those who have been breaking their screens, and this unfortunately is the truth. We saw the American company put in the update iOS 11.3 is to turn off the phones that have been repaired outside of the maintenance centers only approved to be able to the company make more money by selling screen original with high price compared with non-indigenous comparison at the price of the phone that is being repaired also.

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