Apple learn about her credit card Apple Card supported for its service Apple Pay

آبل تعلن عن بطاقتها الائتمانية Apple Card المدعمة لخدمتها Apple Pay

I think the CEO of Apple Tim Cook today play Steve Jobs in Corbin Trento for the second time to play for the Groove service to pay your company’s Apple Pay to a new level by enhancing a credit card. call it Apple Card after the event detects service Apple TV news Apple News + that supports a large number of the diverse health world famous included The Wall Street Journal and the Los A. Times .

Where the company said that the card is integrated into the service and your payment in a simple manner on the iPhone does not relate minutes and then will become available to work in a global, noted that the card it came with the cooperation of the largest banking institutions in the United States of Goldman Sachs, noting that any purchase or payment made by the user will not be under surveillance and will be the user’s degree of high security where it does not require the period of validity and contain the secret code of the CCV, not even the number of the card or require the signature of the user will save all sensitive information in the See Digital the user.

While will be the means of safety of the card and keep the PIN number linked with facial recognition and Touch ID, in that the fees on the card will be zero as they guarantee the absence of an annual fee or the other on the use of international or even late fees, as interest rate is low.

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