Apple launches turn directly to help fight the news is fake


Apple announced last year that it had acquired the Texture, a service that describes many people with Netflix and magazines. It is reported that the acquisition, this is part of a larger plan involving the launch of a paid service for news and magazines, it seems that Apple is trying to give the service greater credibility.

The company recently announced that it will launch directly in the United States and Europe, where it hopes to educate readers on how to find out the news fake. According to the president of the board of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook, has stated by saying : ” Learn to read and write the news is vital to maintain the freedom of the press and democracy is booming, and we are proud to collaborate with organizations in the front lines of this effort. “

He added : ” We were impressed by the important work of the News Literacy Project and Common Sense and Osservatorio, enabling young people to be active and involved citizens “. It should be noted that Apple is not only working to counter the news of counterfeit and fight the spread. In fact, we’ve seen similar efforts from companies like Facebook and Google, WhatsApp and Twitter.

So WhatsApp has launched new features that will help users to identify the news fake better, as the YouTube launch workshops to educate teens about how to figure out the news fake. Will host the Apple event later today, an event where we’ll finally learn more about the services coming from the company.


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