Apple launches the application Schoolwork is free for teachers

آبل تطلق تطبيق Schoolwork بشكل مجاني للمُدرسين

Apple announced about the submitted application to Schoolwork the teachers particularly to help them continue their work in an orderly and fun, where they’ll be able to book appointments and various tasks next to the follow-up scores of students and other other things.

The company said that the application by the new company of the Classroom provide teachers, academics and students experience to follow their business continuously take advantage of the technology in the best way.

The app is the opportunity to book appointments from teachers to students, and many times accomplished and, as is the case with different announcements about the semester, you will also be able to add links or files for different nominations of the students and solve it directly, students will be able to follow doing homework directly via the app.

The application opportunities for teachers to implement the work results of students and follow them directly, where they will be able to work a special page for each student containing all the data and actions to facilitate the access and the level of the student during the school year and its development.

You can identify the app and download it or follow similar applications from Apple by visiting the page educational tools.

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