Apple launches iOS update 11.2.6 – important reforms to the system waiting for you !

With more updates and fixes, here is Apple launching the new version of iOS 11.2.6, without warning, to solve the problems observed previously.

آبل تطلق تحديث iOS 11.2.6 – إصلاحات مهمة للنظام !

Apple launches iOS update 11.2.6 – important reforms to the system !

What are the additions that came with iOS version 11.2.6 is? !

This update is about fixes mainly, therefore you do not Apple support or add any features, included fixes:

  • Fixed a problem cause the termination of the application and unexpectedly, when you use a certain set of characters or symbols.
  • Fixed a problem that lead to failure connection some application of the external accessories external.

Therefore, the primary focus was on the problem in the iPhone when receiving a message with of India, it is expected that this update solve the same problem when you receive letters in other languages, but don’t tell, it the problem appears again unless the Apple TV and resolve it permanently.

How to upgrade and update to the iOS version 11.2.6 is?!

First advice is Golden: take a backup of your content through iTunes, or through and, after making sure to save a backup copy you can proceed to the update, by reaching a General section of the Settings, then to the section software update.

Will start the system in the search for new updates, and will update the sub-iOS 11.2.6, download it and install it on your device directly. They come in a size small starts at 32.1 MB, have different increases according to each device.

Will there be other updates coming?

Yes, still Apple is working on a very important update, which is iOS version 11.3, which will focus on the control feature in the battery of the iPhone and the speed of the system, and know exactly when it will be ready, but is expected not to be delayed much, he is currently in the trial version.

Have you tried installing the update to the new version iOS 11.2.6 for?

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