Apple launches credit card Apple Card with the pricing of low and no fee


Frequency a few months ago that Apple is working with the bank Goldman Sachs to launch a credit card of their own. Did the police do this now in the event held today by the announcement of the credit card the Apple Card. And Apple it is designed for iPhone, and users can sign up for a card Apple Card on iPhone and use in any place is to accept payments using the service Apple Pay in ” within minutes “.

Will be the card Apple Card is available in the application Wallet will be usable in all places where payments are accepted using Apple Pay around the world. Has been redesigned applying the Wallet also, so users can see their balance easily and the way it ends. It will also help them to track their purchases. Be used Apple technology machine learning and maps and Apple Maps to refer to stores that resorted to frequent customers so that they can track the purchases easily through the different categories such as shopping or food and drink.

Tend credit cards to get points system rewards, will be the Apple Card customers rewards in the form of ” Daily Cash “. The company will be held 3 percent on hobos made from Apple and 2 percent on other purchases made using Apple Pay.

What if I traveled to a country where you don’t work for Apple Pay? In this case, you can get a card Apple Card actually made of titanium includes the name of the holder and logo Apple engraved with laser. Wouldn’t the card contains no signature or security code or information to Expiry to maintain the simplicity of the appearance. All of this information will be available in the application Wallet. Customers will get 1 percent of the Daily Cash while spending using the actual card.

Will be launching the card Apple Card this summer. There will be no annual fees or international fees or for materials. There won’t be any interest rates also punitive. The bank issuing the card credit is Goldman Sucks, while will provide a network of payment by the company Mastercard.

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