Apple launches battery cover Smart Battery Case.. How Much Is it?!

Sought Apple Apple to improve the performance of the devices through the release cover battery Smart Battery Case for the newer generation of phones iPhone iPhone, especially the iPhone X s, iPhone XS, which is available in stores and outlets for phones for iPhone X R iPhone XR and iPhone X s, iPhone XS, in black and white.

Apple says in a statement:”the cover of the battery new smartphone gives you longer battery life while providing great protection, because it is made of fiber material MCG soft inside to protect your phone, and the outside lid provides a smooth feel and silky of Silicon”.

Referred Apple to the that the cover is compatible with devices wireless charging standard, Qi Qi, which can charge the iPhone and the battery cover at the same time, to increase talk time, the phone “iPhone X R” to 39 hours, and the use of the internet to 22 hours.

And the amount of energy in the cap said that he can ship the cover by the Chargers that support the USB-PD, it also supports extensions Lightning, such as the earpiece air iPod EarPod.

Completed Apple’s statement that the new cover doesn’t fit the phone 2017, iPhone X, iPhone X, although its dimensions identical with the dimensions of the iPhone X s, and that the cover price intelligent battery 129 $ (2,400 Egyptian pounds approximately).

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