Apple launches an updated version of the charging base H its smart

آبل تطلق نسخة محدثة من قاعدة شحن ساعاتها الذكيةApple launched yesterday a new version of the charging base magnetic “Magnetic Charging Dock” your on the hour, a smart Apple Watch, where have the new version model number MU9F2AM/A differs from the figure for the previous Shipper which has been removed from the Apple Store according to MacRumors.

In have a base version shipping updated the same fabric design that has been removed from the App Store; which is curious to wonder why the Apple TV such a change without giving a reason to replace the old version, although the new rule have a profile in the form of the Federal Trade FCC , however, did not disclose any detail about updates to the host, which is due the company several updates to internal only can confirm that being asked for of the federal to hide the blueprints for the details of the antenna in the charging unit.

Can buy Magnetic Charging Dock the updated MG$ 79 from the company’s website and will be available under the delivery service tomorrow, the seventeenth of November, and will be available soon in retail stores.

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