Apple launches a new website for transparency and displays the number of government requests of user data is

Apple Company

Over the past few years, it seems that governments were more and more requests of data from tech companies as big as Apple is about its citizens. Often, companies are trying to technique typically refuse to these requests to avoid exposing the private information of its customers to protect their privacy, although they provide some information about its clients to those governments from time to time.

And for those who are wondering about all government requests, you may be interested to know that Apple has launched a new website for transparency and will give users all the requests of various government data from all over the world. Before this, Apple usually publish a PDF report, but this new site is already interactive and allows users access to applications from all governments in the world, in addition to dates.

This site is also the number of requests received by the Apple TV usually on an annual basis, the number of requests actually. At the current time, based on a quick look at the site, it seems that Germany is the country most requested data of more than 13000 application, followed by the United States to more than 4000 requests. Include other states that offer more than 1,000 applications from Australia, Singapore, and Spain. If you want to have a look at the data yourself, go to Apple’s website for details.


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