Apple launches a new collection of widgets for the iPhone with ligaments for its smart

The company revealed a barrage of new set of widgets for the iPhone, with the ligaments of the variety for its smart, since these accessories array of new colors.

iPhone XS and XS Max silicone cases

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After the announcement of the Apple recently about the second generation of the headset AirPods wireless, revealed Apple also have a distinctive group of widgets for the iPhone, which feature the colors of spring are bright.

Also offering Apple Color Pink new portfolio battery made recently for iPhone XS XS Max, which will be available with the colors that were launched by the portfolio for the first time two black and white.

Also launches the Apple range of new colors in the portfolio of the iPhone XS XS Max other, where there is now a blue color, papayas, and light green, is scheduled to stop the laces New hours Apple smartphone in color.

Apple Watch bands

From the other side of the bus skin for the iPhone in the colors of purple, dark orange, along with blue.

Also offering Apple a very special set of laces new bright colors, which is available for sports laces new colors papaya, the color of light green, the color blue.

While offering for Nike Sport Bands new in colours Black, hyper grape, grey, purple, light green, with the color of the tropical, available as leather laces also new colourways.


I know of

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