Apple issued updates to iOS 11.3 and WatchOS 4.3 and TvOS 11.3 for all compatible devices


Not been under test for the past few months, Apple today finally released an update for iOS 11.3 for all iPhones, iPads and iPad and iPod Touch compatible. As promised to our Apple earlier, this new update brings with it the advantage of Battery Health which allows users to monitor battery health recommendations about whether the battery need to replacement. Can find these features after the expansion to ” Settings ” and then to choice the battery the ” Battery“, and access after that to the new option Battery Health, here you will find the rules of health of the battery, namely :

  • Performance management is disabled by default which makes your phone prone to lending indiscriminate.
  • Is enabled performance management automatically after turn off is not available on the device features a battery degraded.
  • If you turn off performance management you can’t run it again. Will run again automatically if the event its not available.

Include screen Battery Health information on the maximum capacity of the battery and maximum performance. Battery capacity maximum hotel capacity of the device battery when it was new. You will start batteries at 100% when the device is switched on for the first time will go down when you shrink the battery life chemically which may lead to less hours of usage between charges.

Regardless of the advantage of Battery Health, Apple is also in iOS 11.3 new upgrade package software development augmented reality ARKit to version 1.5, A version that happens to irregular surfaces accurately, and to get to know better on the images and items, and lets you put things virtual on vertical surfaces.

In the United States of America, comes update to iOS 11.3, also with the advantage of Health Records, which collect all your medical records in one place. Another advantage which is exclusive to users in the United States of America is a Business Chat in the application Messages, which gives you the Customer Support for some companies. On the other hand, the iOS update 11.3 brings with it four faces Animoji New, a lion and a bear and skull.

WatchOS 4.3

The Apple also today released an update WatchOS 4.3 all smart watches Apple Watch, this new update brings with it a put the Nightstand Mode when the smart watch in the direction of the vertical. This situation was previously available only when clock mode is smart on the side.

The process of running songs on your iPhone can control now, out of your wrist, a feature that was deleted from version WatchOS 4 for some reason. And lets you the new version of the system WatchOS control also in the process of operating the sound level on the speaker smart Apple HomePod. There are also effects movement new movement new download applications, can see the data your activity on the interface Siri for the smart watch.

TvOS 11.3

Update TvOS 11.3 new comes with a feature to auto-switch to see the tire on the fourth generation of Apple TV, automatic switch for the video via AirPlay. This update also brings with it some improvements to the property Match made to order. This update is currently available for Quarter, the fifth generation of Apple TV.

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