Apple is working on the development of most of the lineup of its organs

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Reports indicate the intention of the company Apple introduce updates to the entire line of production devices during the second half of 2018, in accordance for a new note has been shared this morning by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Ming-Chi Kuo, from the collection of TF International securities, which has a proven history of accurate forecasting plans for Apple TV, where Ming updates for phones for iPhone iPhone computers iPad-Tablet iPad, computers, Mac mini Mac mini MacBook Pro MacBook Pro iMac iMac in addition to its smart Apple Watch.

He stated the many of the information that was being talked about earlier, but he gave an overview of what to expect to see him this fall, along with some interesting information about the lineup of Apple products coming, with the expected entry of Apple headphones wireless AirPods and their wireless AirPower the stage of mass production in the second quarter of the current year, which refers to the possibility floated in the market during the late autumn.

  • iPhone: there are three devices iPhone the company is working on developing them, since there are models of enjoy Screen Type OLED worth $ 5.8 and 6.5 inch, with model third screen of the LCD type, LED by a 6.1-inch low cost, with phones all feature facial recognition Face ID and the Processor of the new A12, while the models include OLED rear camera Double Lens, the model is low cost, will include a rear camera with a single lens
  • iPad: Apple is working on the development of the device. iPad Pro iPad Pro a new value of 11 and 12.9-inch is equipped with two designed a full screen is similar to the design of the phone its flagship iPhone X, so that it does not include the hardware Menu button main Home, with the police using facial recognition technology Face ID is to replace the recognition technology fingerprint Touch ID.
  • Mac mini: you don’t have analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is a lot of information to share about your Mac mini the Mac mini, but it says it’s expected to update the processor, with reference to it has been more than 1300 a day on the last update I got you this case, which is about 3 and a half years, it is not clear whether it will get additional upgrades, such as architecture design, but there is another kind of update at least on the horizon.
  • MacBook Pro: expect to get the Update for the Processor.
  • MacBook: expect to get the Update for the Processor.
  • Computer Notebook new low price: depends Kuo said that Apple is working on the design of a new laptop computer for a low price, he had earlier said that this case will be continued to a family of computers MacBook Air MacBook Air, but it seems to have changed his mind, where he clarified previous information that this device may be a device MacBook MacBook led by 12-inch, so you may skip Apple to expand the MacBook range MacBook with the additional option of low-cost to replace MacBook Air MacBook Air.
  • iMac: the analyst says he expects the occurrence of a significant upgrade in terms of presentation, but it does not go into detail about what it will entail, and did not believe the earlier rumors about the computer iMac iMac, adds the adapter to your iMac, such as Macs, the other, you will get updated on the hand therapist.
  • Apple Watch: Apple to develop two new models for the year 2018 of its smart Apple Watch, which features this watch on larger screens and features of the optimizer to determine the heart rate, come by 1.57 inches (39.9 millimeters) 1.78 inches (45.2 millimeters), larger than the current models almost by 15 percent, and it wasn’t the rumors clear on whether an hour of the Apple Watch itself is bigger or larger screen depending on the vagaries of the dialogue.

The earlier report published by the Agency Bloomberg indicated that Apple is working on a new version of the headset, its wireless AirPods with the Add feature activation voice “Hey Siri”, the company announced for the first time on the charger by the wireless AirPower in the fall of 2017, but they encountered some problems with the production process, and the recent rumors that Apple intended to release the wireless charger in September.

It should be noted that the information analyst Kuo does not provide details about the time that we may see the updates available lines of Apple products, but it has plans to launch all new products in the event of the annual in the month of September, which is usually held during the first or second week of September, and held the company in the past separate events in the month of October when there was a group of organizations should be disclosed.

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