Apple is working on making the iPhone a folding

I began to shout phones collapsible drive the world of technology for 2019 yet to be revealed Samsung officially unveiled the phone model of its own which carries the name of Galaxy F by the current rumors, and while going to several other companies its rival in this regard such as Huawei, recently appeared a new patent filed by Apple in March 2018 have a U.S. Office of patents, where it detects the document on several ideas have manufacturer of America to make iPhone retractable.

Apple thinking about making foldable iPhones, patent reveals

Refers the document to the possible use of OLED screens capable of withstanding different curvatures through the use of a protection layer incorporated between the polymer chips were dyed to be placed on the screen and can then bend it without broken or formed.

This contributes to the energy by bending the device inside and outside as shown in pictures, in the time in which the folds of the Samsung Hall inside only, which means that Apple may change on the Korean company in this regard, the need to successfully launch a copy of the productivity of the iPhone foldable of course.

Source: Patently Apple

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