Apple is working on its own to use it in phones iPhone future

iPhone XS Max

Used Apple to rely entirely on the information, a subsidiary of Qualcomm in smart phones, but the company decided later to use the modem of Qualcomm in some units of its smart phones just used the modem and Intel in the other units. After that, the company decided to the Apple TV to rely entirely on modem Intel in smart phones, modern due to a dispute legal with Qualcomm.

But in the future, you want Apple to create the information own iPhones, just as you do with Wizards central and wizards graphics. It turns out that Apple intends to develop the own information after the publication of the list of new posts looking for specialized personnel in the sector of services in the area of San Diego, California. Moreover, it also identifies the location of The Information with someone familiar with the plans Apple and assured him that the company already has a project to develop a special modem for it to use it in its smart phones for the future.

However, the process of development is still in its early stages. Given the complexities related to the process of chip development like that, it can take up to three years so you can Apple bring the information to the iPhone. So, maybe 2020 at the earliest or 2021 at the latest will be a time frame for the good appearance of this product in the market.



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