Apple is working on a system of independent virtual reality and augmented reality strictly 8K!

According to sources, internal Apple spoke to CNET, the Apple TV works on a system of strong virtual reality and augmented reality technology didn’t cause her one. It is planned that we see in 2020.

ابل تعمل على نظارات مستقلة للواقع الإفتراضي والواقع المعزز بدقة 8K!

Apple is working on a system of independent virtual reality and augmented reality strictly 8K!

Website published a CNET report, a trailer for the new Apple TV will revolutionize the field of virtual reality technology and enhanced, according to this report, the glasses will strictly 8K , which is unprecedented in that area where to the best what the system of the fact at the present time not to exceed half of such precision!

According to the source, these new glasses will not be connected to any device, iPhone or computer. Instead it will be Shipping the glasses to the “dedicated Fund” using the technique of short-range wireless high-speed allow WiGig 60GHz .

Further the Fund will be supported by a processor, the Apple 5-nanometer custom which is “more powerful than anything currently available” includes the customized chips that would be used by Apple in Macs in the future.

At the present time, resembling the glasses of a computer, but it “won’t be a computer Mac for.” According to what is stated on the tongue of a source close to Apple confirmed that the company want to produce VR devices wireless just in the future, he emphasized the company’s use of technology the second generation of the technology WiGig 60GHz called 802.11 ay, which will enhance the speed and range for the manufacture of a system of VR upgraded since.

Returning to the report, the users will not need to install special cameras in the room to detect their location, as is the case with some headphones VR available. Will merge all the technology in the headphones and.

She had pointed out some of the previous rumors that Apple is working on a number of models of virtual reality and enhanced by using a unit research secret, but the modern information was particularly set of smart glasses realism compact . It is not clear whether smart glasses mentioned in the rumors. the former is the same as the headphone AR / VR new or not.

If this source is correct, the new heavens know the code T288 within the company and we’ll follow her with you constantly.

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