Apple is working on a new version of the headset, its wireless AirPods and HomePod

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آبل تعمل على إصدار جديد من سماعاتها اللاسلكية AirPods وجهاز HomePod

Based company Apple TV update a big in the lineup headphones affiliate, working on a new version high quality from the headset its wireless AirPods and a new version of tweeter home HomePod, headphones external ear and over-ear headphones carry its brand, all of that will be in early next year to 2019, according to a report from the newspaper Bloomberg.

Published reports from Apple devices new sound over the past few months, where, according to a report released in February from Bloomberg that Apple intends to put two versions of a new two of headphones AirPods each equipped with chip wireless stronger and with the design of waterproof.

It also confirms another report that the branch of the Apple which is located in the city of Cupertino, California, is working on a new version of the headphones AirPods wireless will be fitted with designed a waterproof for protection from the rain and in addition to the noise cancellation feature, with the increased range which can hear the AirPods to work away from the devices iPhone and iPad.

Expected to cost the new version of the headphones AirPods which will come in 2019, a price higher than the current price of $ 159 dollars, it is believed that this will push Apple to split your production line with the earphones as is the case with the iPhone, to deliver low-cost model and a top model in the cost contains more features, is expected to be one of these advanced features is to add a sensor a biometric, such as a Heart Rate Monitor to expand the offerings of devices related to health including exceed the Apple Watch. Will update the version of the AirPods current later this year with a new chip and support voice assistant Siri.

Also require Apple for the first time in early 2019, to detect hear, which is placed above the ear and marked the Apple TV commercial would be an alternative to a top of the line Headphones Beats your company, which was supposed to be issued late 2018, but has been delayed due to the challenges of development were not disclosed new details about the features that have come out these headphones.

It is worth mentioning that the company’s share Cirrus logic Cirrus Logic industry devices noise-canceling increased by 10 percent after finding out that the company will work with the Apple TV in the headphones AirPod new.

Used Apple accessories unique like AirPods to complete the system hardware and software. Has become the accessories important source of revenue in recent years, which has helped Apple Products in achieving sales of $ 12.9 million in fiscal year 2017.

Becoming a category of products other selling point of increasingly important for Apple, success depends lineup the sky audio coming on the success of Apple’s previous in this area. Where he helped an iPod and iTunes digital music on the revival of the industry and the company began a shift from the maker of the computer to the giant company for mobile phones and accessories.

In 2012, Apple announced itself one of the largest companies that sell Headphones Audio because of the earbuds that come with its organs and speakers Built-in Devices iPhone, Mac and iPad. Two years after Apple acquired the company pizza Beats specialized in the industry of headphones and broadcast music for 3 billion dollars. The running team products Home audio by Gary Jeeves Gary Geaves is a former engineer in the company B & W Group specialized in the manufacture of loudspeakers and headphones.

The company said it’s restructuring its supply chain in preparation for the latest audio products, expanding the scope of partnership with the company Foxconn technology Foxconn which engages mainly in the manufacture of the iPhone, as well as to reduce its dependence on the company Inventec hardware manufacturer younger.

Apple intends to increase the production of headphones AirPods by working with the company Foxconn, but working to build approximately 30% of the units with the company Luxshare Precision. Because when you were asking the ear headphones for the first time in 2016 I’m late and the show was limited after the product launch in the end.

As for the woofer, household HomePod which was originally built with Inventec, the Apple TV is working on a new version of it early next year with the attribution of expanding production to Foxconn company.

Has met the Executive Directors of the company Inventec with executives to Apple in California in recent weeks to discuss the requests HomePod future, but has not been a final decision on working with Inventec on the new version. A spokeswoman for the company Inventec, the company will do its utmost to secure new applications.

For headphones that are placed over the ear discussed Apple to work with the company Tymphany, a subsidiary of its Electronics Co., Ltd which manufacture audio systems for consumers and professionals, according to a person familiar with the situation, the production did not start did not finish page until now.

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